Hiding scrollbars on Firefox Quantum

UPDATE: updated at June/2018, now works with recent Firefox versions.

The new Firefox (also know as Firefox Quantum) is so good and so fast that I’ve happily living with it even with the loss of my essential tab-management add-ons. It’s that awesome.

What’s less awesome is that there’s no way to hide the scrollbars, and no extension that can actually do it. And it won’t ever be – those kind of changes to the user interface are just no longer possible.

Fortunately, you can still nuke’em out of existence by editing your userChrome.css . Here’s how.

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Should you react to React’s License?

A few weeks ago, the Apache Software Foundation dramatically declared that the BSD+Patents license currently in use by Facebook is not a proper open source license. React uses such license, and the news sent some ripples down the React community.

Last week, WordPress decided to move away from React, a costly decision given how React was a centerpiece technology for existing and planned new features. That’s a good opportunity for us to take a look at the whole issue.

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